quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

Bedat & Co. New Number 2 Watch

Bedat & Co. is back with a bang for 2010 - sharply aimed at its old rival Cartier. The new models are the 2 and the 8 - and here is the No. 2. Different than the old number 2, it takes the concepts of a circle surrounded by two different oblong circles - with an oblong circle in the middle. The shapes are in gold, and perhaps steel as well. Covered in diamonds - true to the heritage and theme of the luxury brand. Men's models don't make a come back in America - at least not yet. The passion here is for women. Cartier is pulling product out of traditional watch and jewelry stores in favor of their own brand boutiques and website. Bedat & Co, under its new Malaysian ownership is making a serious, and highly calculated move to take back the US. The No. 2 watches have Swiss quartz movements, but other models have Swiss automatic mechanical movements as well. Finish on the watches is impressive, and as always, a Bedat & Co. watch is all about the design. Look for this and more Bedat & Co. pieces to be in about 65 US stores now - and of course throughout the world.

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