sábado, 11 de setembro de 2010

Piaget Limelight Jazz Party Women's Watches

The idea of a timepiece being suitable for a single, specific event such as a Jazz Party is cute, but not at Piaget prices. But that it seems, is what Piaget's presentation on the Limelight Jazz Party women's is all about. Well, you can forget that - these watches are suitable for a few other types of jazz or party events.Though the swoopy lines of the timepieces are jazzy, I will have to hand it to the Piaget designers for that.

Complex lines dominate the watches in a way that is more emotional that elegant. The two watches here represent the more sober side of Piano music (the black dialed model with the curved "piano key" style diamonds, as well as the fluid light movement of music (the lighter version with intersecting lines of diamond waves). These high-society part pieces are certainly unique and bestow up a lady wearer a certain type of unique energy often absent from high-end chic evening wear.

Suitable for daily wear? I think not. Not only is the style anything but "anytime," but you don't want to be toting around 3 or 4 carats of diamonds on your wrist all the time. The watches themselves are part of the Piaget Limelight collection and are in 18k white gold with a ton of diamonds each. They are powered by Piaget caliber 56P quartz movements, and should be available in highly limited quantities to those looking to jazz up their ultra-formal wear.

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