domingo, 20 de fevereiro de 2011

Hermès Presents Jean-Michel Frank

hermes furniture
Simple lines and exotic veneers epitomize the furniture of French legendary designer Jean Michel-Frank. His original pieces are hard to come by so it's good news that Hermès has joined with the Frank family to reissue some of his iconic furniture. The clean-lined cubic pieces with leather and wood veneers will be in the New York Hermès store at 691 Madison Avenue and other stores nationwide in April. At first glance, some of the pieces will seem familiar as Frank's understated approach to chairs, sofas, and tables has been widely copied, but in fact, rarely equaled. Frank had a devoted following, admirers of his pale palette and near minimalist approach. He designed apartments for such luminaries as the Rockefellers in New York and Cole Porter in Paris. In spite of his success, he was a tragic figure who lost two brothers in World War I, his father and then his mother at an early age. He left Paris for Argentina when Word War II broke out and horribly depressed committed suicide in Manhattan in 1941 at the age of 46. Frank's banking family included Otto Frank and his famous diarist daughter Anne.

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