domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

Holiday Shopping Guide: 8 Gifts for Book Lovers

Butterfly Bookmark
In a world that increasingly favors digital and paperless technology the experience of reading books is not the same as it used to be, but no matter if you prefer turning pages by pressing a button on an e-reader or by hand the old fashioned way there will always be something magical and mysterious about real paper books. A new Kindle and a boatload of e-books is great for some reads (like working through the current New York Times best-seller list) but when it comes to true reading luxury and timeless, endearing gifts for the book lovers on your holiday shopping list we say go for good old-fashioned hardcovers and beautiful, well-made accessories.

Bee & Butterfly Bookmarks, $30
As pretty as antique jewelry these Bee and Butterfly bookmarks are handmade in the USA of brass and plated metal with colored Swarovski crystal accents, beautiful floral patterns, and long colorful tassels. Perfect for a gardener or nature-loving reader, unwrapping them will be easy but hiding them away in a book won't be!

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