sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

Carine Roitfeld Steps Down From French Vogue

carine roitfeld
Major news in the fashion world this week as French Vogue's Carine Roitfeld has announced that she will step down as editor in chief of French Vogue. Roitfeld, a former fashion model, joined the magazine nearly ten years ago when she was approached by Jonathan Newhouse, the chief executive of Conde Nast International. At some points there were rumors that Roitfeld might even succeed the indomitable Anna Wintour at Vogue in New York. Her style is characterized by a darkness and edginess that has remained perfectly French, often epitomizing the concept of 'jolie laide' focusing on interesting images more than just the merely pretty.

Roitfeld will leave at the end of January (completing issues through March) and has said that she is leaving to work on personal projects. Roitfeld spoke with the NY Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn telling her that she feels that it's time to do something different and that she has no problem with Jonathan Newhouse. "I have no plan at all," she said. Something tells me something will come up.

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