sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

Major Botero Exhibit In Miami Runs Through The End Of The Month

You only have another week or so to check out a comprehensive display of the work of Fernando Botero's work in Miami, Florida. Gallerist and art book publisher Gary Nader has gathered together a collection of the Colombian artist's work in order to celebrate the launch of a new art book on Botero.

Botero's rounded forms are immediately recognizable. He's famous for his corpulent figures but has also done still life paintings and bronze sculptures that showcase his range as well as a series of paintings depicted prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. Recent works reflect his enduring fascination with circus performers and circus life. In a culture that often sees fat as a four-letter word, Botero's paintings normalize roundness giving it dignity.

Nader gathered pieces from collectors around the world. The show is up only through January 31 and includes a chronological assortment of more than 100 paintings, sculpture and drawings dating from the 1950s to the present day. Nader's gallery houses $200 million of the most impressive collections by U.S, Latin and European masters. Accompanying the Botero Retrospective is a hard cover edition of 224 pages with close to 200 full color page illustrations, published by Nader and priced at $150.

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