terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

The Luxist Top Ten Handbags of 2010

Valentino Crystal-Embellished Feather Clutch
2010 may have been a tough year in a lot of ways, but it was a terrific year for handbags. From divinely sparkling clutches to totes in unheard-of textures, designers were inventive, creative and finally took some risks again -- a sure sign of an improving economy. We're celebrating the return to flamboyance and daring style with a list of our top ten favorites from this year's outstanding LuxistHandbag of the Day collection.

Valentino Crystal-Embellished Feather Clutch

Let's begin with the ethereal, exquisite bag above, the Valentino Crystal-Embellished Feather Clutch. These little birdies outdid even the Judith Lieber Enchanted Stardust Clutch with their whimsical glamour, and the feathers are so elegantly and daintily assembled, the clutch eclipsed the ballerina charm of the Valentino Tulle Rosette Bag. We love the coloring; it's as if each perfect feather has been gingerly dipped in the blackest of ink. The pale pink satin structure and lining complete the dream-come-true wonder of this masterful handbag which commanded $4,170.00.

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