domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010

The Christmas Tree - $500 000 00

Jeweler Steve Quick has created the world’s most expensive Christmas tree. On display at Steve Quick Jewelers in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, the tree is made out of five solid pounds of 18k yellow gold and decorated with 250 carats of round brilliant and briolette diamonds. The platinum star on top, set with a 4.52 carat diamond, is detachable so the owner can wear it as a pendant. Creating the tree was a lengthy process: just the wax carving, which created the needle detail, took weeks. The casting process required specialized equipment, which was purchased and specially modified for this project. The tree is made of reclaimed gold so even though it appears very yellow, it is actually quite “green”! Suppliers Manak Jewels, United Gem Limited, Clark Jewelers, Chicago Gem Appraisers also contributed to the tree. This “outrageous, over the top labor of love” benefits a good cause: it will be auctioned off on eBay beginning on December 17 with 100 percent of the profits going to benefit the American Cancer Society. The tree is valued at $500,000. If that’s a bit over your holiday budget, Quick has also designed miniature versions of the Tree in sterling silver for $20, gold-plated for $25, and 14k gold for $195. All of the profits from the Mini-Trees will also be donated to the American Cancer Society.“Our tree was created to bring hope and help to people battling cancer,” Quick says. “To us, helping others is priceless.”

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