terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

Perfect Pink Diamond Sets Hong Kong Record

perfect pink diamond
It's not a world-record setter like the $46-million pink diamond sold at Sotheby's recently but a stone called "the perfect pink" sold for over $23 million to an anonymous buyer at Christie's Hong Kong over the weekend. The 14.23 ct. rectangular-cut fancy intense pink diamond is the most expensive jewel ever sold in Asia. The sale was a record-setter overall, bringing in $78.9 million, highest ever for a jewelry auction in Asia and the largest ever at Christie's worldwide. The pink diamond is flanked by a pair of rectangular D-flawlessdiamonds weighing 1.73 and 1.67 carats and mounted in 18k rose and white gold. The center stone is graded fancy intense pink, natural colour, VVS2 clarity, with excellent symmetry. It is a type IIa diamond, diamonds which are chemically very pure and are famed for their clean, jaw-dropping sparkle.

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