domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

A Bit Of Versailles On The Bowery

Candle lovers no longer have to make the pilgrimage to Cire Trudon’s century-old Left Bank shop. The company’s owner, Ramdane Touhami, has opened its first U.S. outpost below the Rogan store on the corner of Bond Street and Bowery. Stepping into the ground-floor space, though, you’d swear you were in France. Complete with handmade mirrors, stucco moldings, and antiques that are for sale, the store has been modeled after Versailles’ Galerie des Glaces, which is fitting considering it was Cire Trudon tapers that lit Marie Antoinette’s last hours. In addition to the familiar candles, there are new room sprays and perfumed stink bombs—just the thing for scenting a garden party or, maybe, a particularly smelly 6 train platform. A second Paris boutique is in the works in the precise location of the original Cire Trudon shop dating to 1643 on rue de l’Arbre Sec. A London store will likely follow.

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