segunda-feira, 25 de outubro de 2010

Statement Necklaces by Elva Fields

Designer Elva Wheat Maynard creates one of kind necklaces and earrings for her Elva Fields Jewelry line that are visually captivating. While I love all of her pieces, my heart lies in her gorgeous statement necklaces. They are stunning! I've been a long time fan of Elva's work and if I could, I would buy as many of her necklaces as possible and become an avid collector. Unfortunately, before I get the opportunity to purchase, the ones I like are already sold out! Luckily, her Savor Sunrise Necklace ($118), shown above, is still available for purchase and on sale. Upon first glance, the Savor Sunrise seems fitting for the Summer, but it's coral tones and deep yellow hue would beautifully compliment beiges and browns for the Fall.

Elva Fields offers three different collections - Elva (one of a kind), June (limited editions) and Deb(vintage). As you can see, her necklaces are large, bold, and chunky pieces that exude a feminine and sophisticated feel. Each one has such character that I find myself creating outfits based on the necklace itself. I'm sure many people would say starting with you accessories to create a look is crazy, but I say create your look from what has inspired you. Have fun with it. Being an accessories junkie myself, a large majority of my outfits are based on my handbags, jewelry and shoes. Take a look below for a collection of colorful pieces to inspire your next outfit.

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