terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

Grissini Restaurant Unveils 600 gram White Truffler

White Truffle at Grissini RestaurantWhite truffles are among the most elusive and expensive of the all the truffle varieties and as this year's white truffle season begins (it runs October to December) the Grissini Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is sitting pretty. This past Friday they unveiled a much larger than average 600 gram specimen.

About as big as two baseballs, the beige beauty might not be a record-setter but it is many times larger than the 20 - 30g truffles the restaurant usually gets. Grissoni isn't disclosing how much it paid for the truffle but it will say it plans to charge customers just over $19 a gram for the delicacy, or about $11,600 total.

Bigger isn't better in terms of taste but larger truffles do have a longer shelf life and, because they're so rare, are always good for garnering a little extra publicity.

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