terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2010

Robbins Brothers Introduces 98-Facet Diamond

Engagement ring specialists, Robbins Brothers has come out with a new diamond cut. The standard 57 or 58-facet brilliant cut diamond is increasingly being edged out by stones with more and more facets. Over centuries, the natural octahedral rough diamond has gradually been modified and faceted to get the most light play out of the stone. In the last few years, breakthroughs in diamond cutting have lead to the ability to place more and more facets on stones. The new round brilliant Echo Diamond, contains 98 facets that are hand-cut and arranged for maximum brilliance. The facet placement allows more light movement and more sparkle, which delivers a brighter diamond. In celebration of the new diamond launch, Robbins Brothers offers customers a free diamond wedding band ($395 value) for every Echo Diamond that is purchased (minimum 1/2 carat) before October 24. The Robbins Brothers Echo Diamond also comes with a lifetime warranty, conflict-free promise, certification including an Imagem Light Return Report of "Very Good" or "Excellent," and a laser inscription with the Echo logo and IGI certificate.

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