Under the infinite imagination, the rare material, exquisite craftsmanship, pure noble “descent” and the unique timeless design constitute an indispensable element of high-level jewelry of the Cartier. Precious platinum, diamonds, rubies and garnets outlined realistic image of the fire-breathing dragon. A falling ruby hanging down in necklace weighs 26.64 karats. A rare orange-red garnet on the ring is weighing 25.14 karats.


Sensual, luxurious, exudes rich oriental complex. Rich coloris eye-catching, lines are neat and simple, traditional but shows contemporary luxury, precious pink sapphire is showing more feminine qualities. Luxury curtain style staggered the times of classic beauty. Vertical fall in the middle of the 839-carat sapphire Papalaxia the “world’s most beautiful gem,” said the name of “Water Lily Red Sapphire”, which is between pink and orange and is extremely rare all over the world.


Advanced Jewelry Series sapphire diamond ring, platinum and gold inlaid diamonds, Papalaxia sapphire respectively weigh 27.34 karats, , 22.4 karats, and 28.33 karats. The rare precious stones buried in the ground, polished through the craftsmen , give off light and the lure of sparkling beauty, woven into the bond to connect the mysterious world and jewelry treasures.e58da1e59cb0e4ba9a5